Current Version: 5.0.5

Download size: 46.3 MB.

1. Close the Biosoftworld Medical Scheduler and all client workstations. Install the Update first on your server by double clicking on the downloaded SchedulerUpdate.exe and start the program at least one time! Update client workstations after that.

2. The Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework is required for 4.x and 5.x versions of Scheduler. While it is pre-installed on most modern operating systems (Win 7, 8.1, 10), our installer will advise you if it cannot find the Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework and provide download links.

3. This package contains the Biosoftworld Medical Scheduler Update Installer. We encourage you to install this new release so you can take full advantage of our most recent updates.


Important Changes for 5.x versions!

1. Biosoftworld now support SQL Server database type for all customers.

2. Multiple databases if your are using MS Access database type.

3. Redesign for critical modules concerning date-time formats.

Important Changes for 4.x versions!

1. Redesigned Modules.

2. Faster Grid Data Retrieve.

3. Windows Metro Skins (Metropolis).

4. Most modern .NET Framework versions support.

5. Australian TAX-INVOICE A5 format (4.1.3)

6. New template based document creator (4.1.3)

7. New SMS Texting module (4.1.5)

8. New SMTP Server (4.1.5)

9. Bug Fixes and maintenance (4.1.6 - 4.1.7)

...and many more....

Important Changes for 3.0.x versions!

1. A new format for payments is used including the field Patient Due at Invoices or CMS-1500 editor. It is important to convert payments in the old format to the new format. Patient Due should filled in invoices and claims prior to apply a payment.

2. Report Localization module is changed.

New Additions!

1. New main scheduler screen design.

2. Authorizations.

3. Allergies - Immunizations Modules.

4. Laboratories module. XLS templates (3.0.3)

5. Revised CMS-1500 02/12. E-Billing. New Financial Graph Wizard.

6. New ready graphs for daily statistics (3.0.2)

7. Importing from Medical Office One (3.0.3)

...and many more....