Appointment Scheduling software is used to keep a record of all appointment made. Nowadays, this would be a digital schedule.

The most up to date of method of managing scheduling is to use software solutions. This software is specifically designed to make life easy and to prevent a business from losing clients due to errors. There is software that can be adapted to any type of business and it can be used by environments like medical offices and clinics.

How to Choose an Electronic Medical Record Vendor

By Alexa R.

Cost is one the first questions that spring into most physicians' minds when considering EMRs. Entry level EMR systems can cost as little as $3,000, with more advanced EMRs costing over $100,000 for solo physician practices. It is helpful to think of an EMR as an "investment" rather than an expense. Productivity, efficiency, and quality of care can be increased with the implementation of an EMR.

Client-Server Based EMR Or Web Hosted EMR - Which is Better?

By Alok Prasad

When faced with a choice between client-server based EMR and a web-based or hosted EMR system, what would be the better choice for you?

In these tough economic times more and more physicians are finding themselves faced with this critical question that demands a decision.


Computer Aided Patient Scheduling for Improved Medical Billing Service Performance

By Yuval Lirov

Without a computerized scheduler, a practice has less than 2% chance to earn the title of a "better performing practice," according to Medical Group Management Association. Massive investment in scheduling features across a wide spectrum of billing products is another indication of importance of computerized scheduling: during May and June of 2006, Billing Wiki cited twenty-six software products that offer some aspect of patient scheduling.


Earn Money With a Home Based Medical Coding Job.

By Kristy Rodecker

One of the biggest draws in the medical coding field is the promise to work from home. While there are many promises of vast wealth and immense freedom many find it difficult to achieve such goals.

Medical coding from home is legitimate, but it is also over advertised. Many target this field and make exaggerated claims. One common scam is the promise to offer medical coding education and provide medical coding software (for a price), which should "fully prepare you" to begin your own home based business.

Medical Billing Software - Choosing Which is Best for Your Practice Needs

Running a profitable practice has become increasingly more challenging for many medical offices. With so much to focus on, often practice goals get pushed aside to address daily tasks and concerns. Medical billing software is a great option, yet choosing which will suit your office best can be overwhelming. With so many choices in software and features, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are some tips to finding which medical billing software will be best for your office.