Biosoftworld will continue to sell Biosoftworld Medical Scheduler only. Biosoftworld Medical Scheduler is created with the latest .NET Framework technology and provides full scheduling, reporting and billing capabilities with electronic medical records (EMR) features! Includes also the new revised CMS-1500 (02/12) claim form. Scheduler provides also  Multilingual reports support. Localize (translate) your reports in any language via application interface! Transfer the database file in a flash disk, work anywhere and you will have the power that comes with portability.


Medical Database Seven and Medical Office One are being retired from 27 September, 2014 which means customers will no longer be able to buy them from this date onward. Software bought before 27 September will continue to work as normal and supported. Additionally current customers can migrate to our flagship Biosoftworld Medical Scheduler without any cost. Please contact us for details.