Products Comparison

Biosoftworld Medical Software Products Comparison

Our products are using password protected Microsoft Access or SQL Server databases. Medical Database Seven and Medical Office One was developed with Microsoft Access (2007-2010) and Biosoftworld Medical Scheduler with .NET Framework and C#.

All products due to our thechonoloy are independent of other software installations like Microsoft Office or Microsoft Access. The can be used only with  the basic configuration of a 32 & 64 bit PC.

  Medical Database Seven Medical Office One Biosoftworld Medical Scheduler
Technical Features      
Database Engine: Microsoft Jet Database Engine Microsoft Jet - SQL Server 2005-2008 Microsoft Jet Database Engine
Interface: MDI MDI MDI
Network Support: yes yes yes
Workstations : 1-8 1-Unlimited 1-16
Date - Time Format: International - United States United States International - United States
Phone Format General United States General - United States
Currency Multiple United States $ Multiple
ZIP Codes Customizable United States - Customizable Auto-Generated
Language English - Report translation tool English English - Report translation tool
Security Features      
HIPAA Compliance As Limited from Jet Database Engine Full As Limited from Jet Database Engine
NPI no yes yes
Password Protection yes yes yes
Role Based Access yes yes yes
Auto log off yes yes yes
Audit Control yes yes yes
Billing Features      
CMS - 1500 (02/12) no yes yes
UB-04 no yes no
Billing Charts no yes yes
QuickBooks® integration no yes no
Payment Module no yes yes
E-Billing no Yes (Print Image) Yes (Print Image)
E-Billing Batch no Yes (Print Image) Yes (Print Image)
General Invoice yes yes yes
ICD Codes yes yes yes
EMR - Features      
Laboratories yes yes yes
Scanning yes yes yes
Drug Database yes yes yes
Prescriptions yes yes yes
Image Storage yes yes yes
Document Attachments yes yes yes
SOAP Notes Creator yes yes yes
Charts generator yes yes yes
Other Features      
Advance Exporting no no yes
Advance Report - Chart Designers no no yes
Advance Appointment Scheduling no no yes
Appointment Scheduling yes yes yes
Appointment Reports yes yes yes
Full 30-Day Trial yes Download yes Download yes Download
Support Monday - Friday 24/7 e-mail support Unlimited 24/7 e-mail support Unlimited 24/7 e-mail support
Price Order Page Order Page Order Page
Requirements: Windows XP SP - Vista - Windows 7- Windows 8